Meet & Greet Options

For your convenience we provide two unique Meet & Greet options, Virtual Meet & Greets, and In-Person Meet & Greets (only available in PEC). 

Virtual Meet & Greet (most popular)

Completing a virtual meet & greet is quick and easy!  The next time you're at the dog park, simply send a short video of your pup arriving and greeting/interacting with a couple of friends.  For pups who don't regularly visit off-leash parks, simply send a quick video of them meeting/interacting with another pup for a moment while on a walk. 

In-Person Meet & Greet (only available in PEC)

If you live near (or will be in the area of) our BFF, PEC boarding facility you're welcome to schedule an in-person meet & greet with your pup.  During your M&G you'll also be able to take a tour of the facility and ask/answer any remaining questions.   

If you require assistance at any time please email or call 416.551.CARE.  We're here to help!

New Client Meet & Greet

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Virtual M&Gs Please Attach Your Pup's Video

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