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Dog Boarding
1450 County Road 19
Consecon, ON, K0K 1T0



is a Virtual Based Organization in 
Toronto, ON

We strive to provide low cost, easy-to-use pet care services & find email to be the most efficient & effective form of communication (because we spend our time with the pups!).

If you prefer to chat by phone (very common for those who have not yet enjoyed our service), kindly email us your contact details and we will happily call you within 1 business day. 


Or please call 416.551.CARE (2273) <-- Keep in mind we put the pups before the calls so we may not answer right away.  Feel free to call back later.  

Send Us A Message And We'll Get Back To You ASAP

We successfully received your message. We'll respond to you ASAP!

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