The Best People + The Best Clients = The Best Pet Care

You'll be confident your pup is in great hands since you'll always know who your BFF pro is ahead of time, and we guarantee that we only hire the very best, experienced, pet care professionals.  


Meet Madhu

Madhu is our VP of Operations, a two-time annual Spirit Award Winner, and lives and operates our beautiful ranch in Prince Edward County!

Madhu graduated summa cum laude from King’s College London, UK, where she received her Masters in Forensic Science.  Madhu transitioned from her successful career in Science to pursue her passion for animals and has since cared for hundreds, and hundreds, of animals in both Toronto & PEC.

Madhu has twice been the recipient of our company’s highest annual award for embodying the very essence of what we strive to be, and consistently demonstrates the highest magnitude of personal character.

Madhu and her wonderful husband, Paolo (who has continued his successful career in Science remotely from PEC) now live at BFF, Prince Edward County.


Meet Ford

A fan-favourite and Rising Star Award Winner, Ford leads our Toronto Dog Walking team and often shuttles vacationing pups to and from PEC during the week. 

Ford is one of the kindest, happiest, and most considerate people we know and his incredibly calm and comforting energy can put even the most hesitant pups instantly at ease.  If there is a pup-whisper in Toronto, his name is Ford!    


Clients regularly tell us their pup's wait for Ford at the door, and his biggest fans "Lose their mind with excitement" when he pulls up to take them for a hike or to shuttle them to the Ranch for their vacation.  

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