The Best People + The Best Clients = The Best Pet Care

You'll always know who your BFF pro is ahead of time, and they are always trusted, experienced, BFF employees.  There are no third party service providers, contracted help, or inexperienced people working at BFF.  Only the best of the best to care for your pup!


Like our VP of Operations, and two time annual Spirit Award Winner, Madhu Balla!  Genuine, compassionate, and amazing with the pups, Madhu packed up her Masters of Forensic Science and said fairwell to the lab to follow her passion of caring for animals. 


Madhu and her incredible husband Paolo now live in Prince Edward County at BFF, PEC where they care for the pups on vacation and Madhu remotely oversees all of BFF's Ontario operations.  


This is one special professional!  

Or how about our Rising Star Award Winner, and Toronto Dog Walking leader Ford Johnston!  Beloved by pup's all over town, and constantly receiving praise from clients across the city, Ford is one of the happiest, kindest, and most considerate people we know!  


The only ones that love Ford more than our team and clients are the pups that "Lose their minds with excitement" when Ford pulls up to take them for a hike, or to shuttle them to the Ranch in Prince Edward County.  


Visit BFF on Instagram to see some pupdate photos, meet more of the incredible team members that ensure your pups always have an incredible experience, and make BFF such a special place to work (if you can call it work!).