BFF Succession Questions & Answers

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The Big News

BFF has begun the search for the next generation of loving, dedicated, and capable owners to carry-on our vision and ensure we continue to be one of the most well regarded and recognizable pet care names in Ontario.

Our Succession Goal

To carefully identify the right successor, capable of seamlessly continuing the award-winning history of BFF while delivering new value, benefits, and opportunities for clients and team members.

Some Key Messages

The Business is still very successful, growing exceptionally fast, and strategically positioned to enjoy accelerated growth well into the future.  Nothing is changing.  

The People are still the same incredible, loving, and experienced professionals you have been connecting with for years (we’re always adding wonderful new faces as we grow too of course).  Nothing is changing.

The Services are the same fun, stimulating, and engaging experiences your pup has loved for years.  Nothing is changing.

The Outlook is bright and exciting and promises even more successful than ever before!    

The BFF Success Story

6 years ago, when we tasked ourselves with elevating the quality of boarding in Ontario, we heard everything from “You’re crazy.” to “People won’t want their dogs roaming around freely.” to “Where do we sign up!”. 


And after 6 incredible years, winning the Top Choice Award for Best Dog Daycare in Toronto in 2019 and being one of only five companies nominated by the Prince Edward County Chamber of Commerce for Business of The Year in 2021 (an honour we didn’t truly understand until we saw the company we were in as a nominee!), we feel confident we have now officially achieved our original goal of remodeling the dog vacation experience.

The Timing

After enjoying years of success and announcing our plan to find successors for BFF we’re now hearing, “Why would you build a successful business and half-kill yourself to get through a global pandemic, only to then transition to new owners right as the most unprecedented travel and dog boarding opportunity in the history of pet care has begun?”.  That’s an excellent question; and it was as easy as it was difficult for us to answer. 

Simply put, our young children need us more than BFF right now, and we’re extremely confident BFF has a rock-solid foundation, an unbelievably talented and committed team, and the right strategic plan to continue its record of success for many years to come. 


It was always the plan to find a successor for BFF when our kids got a little older and their calendars more demanding.  We just adjusted the timing a little through the pandemic to make sure our team and clients were safe before moving forward. 


And by handing over the reigns to our successors now, we can further ensure BFF has the full dedication and access to resources needed to continue to grow, thrive, and evolve well into the future.  Creating happy pups will always be BFF’s number one job! 

The Ongoing Commitment

The BFF formula for success has always been The Best Customers + The Best Employees = The Best Company and this formula has never been more relevant and important than it is right now as we begin the search for our successors, and we’re wholly committed to finding the VERY BEST PEOPLE to carryon the BFF vision.

We’ll be diligent and deliberate about who we discuss as potential successors to ensure the BFF experience continues to be loved by all.  

We’ll complete a detailed vetting process to ensure prospective successors have the right motivation, the necessary skills, the applicable expertise, and the required resources to protect the interests of our valued clients and incredible team members.

And possibly the most important commitment of them all, we will only select a successor if we feel absolutely certain your pup will LOVE them as much as they love the BFF team member today! 


Your services, packages, and future bookings are unquestionably guaranteed to remain safe, and BFF will only be succeeded by a like-minded leader who has demonstrated a 100% commitment to carry the dream to even greater heights.

Under no circumstances will any existing agreements, packages, or reservations be impacted in any way. 

The Transition Window


BFF is a special place, that provides a special experience, and holds a special place in our hearts.  For those reasons, the transition of BFF to our successors will take as long as it takes. 


And until that time comes, and likely well beyond it, we’re still 100% committed to continue to grow BFF, evolve our client-offerings, and seek out new ways to add value to the award-winning services you enjoy today. 

To Discuss This Opportunity, or If You Have Any Questions At All

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