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Dog Daycare

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BFF, Toronto

981 College St, Toronto

Daycare: Mon - Fri, 7am to 7pm
Check Availability: ​416.551.CARE

BFF, Prince Edward County

1450 County Rd. 19, Consecon

Exclusively for Pup Vacations
Check Availability: ​416.551.CARE

Private Shopping Services

You can easily order all of your private shopping services through your existing BFF account. 

     1. Use your BFF account to select your delivery date and then tell us what you need delivered.
     2. We'll find it, secure it, and bring it right to your door. 

You can reduce your private shopping cost and help reduce social contact in our community by pooling your order with friends, family & nearby seniors or joining a BFF-organized pool where rates are shared evenly among the pool.

Don't have a BFF Account yet?  

We are working diligently to provide delivery of fresh garden boxes of fruits and vegetables ASAP.  Register below to be notified as soon as they become available.  

Hard to find items?

We'll team-source them for you from across the GTA to save you time.

Our Community's New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a new doctrine of social convention and the post-pandemic guidelines of our community will be governed by social distancing, pathogen protection, widespread use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and contactless delivery services from trusted professionals.

Your Trusted BFF Professional Can Help

We recognize there is an urgent need for the help of our trusted professionals who are already skilled and trained in strict pathogen prevention protocols designed to keep you and your family safe.   

We have been working around the clock to prepare our team to help.  To be able to safely collect and deliver the critical products and supplies that you need right now.  

If you need it, we will find it.

Full Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

To ensure that you have full flexibility to shop for all of your personal needs, BFF's Private Shopping Service is billed by the hour with service fees based on the current risk associated with your service request.

Pool your request with friends, family & seniors to reduce your costs

We strongly encourage you to speak with friends, family & local seniors before placing your order for private shopping.  By pooling your order across multiple people you can reduce your private shopping by sharing it with others that also need deliveries while further mitigating the risk to our team members with a more efficient shopping process.

Let BFF pool your request with other clients and share the cost of services among the pool to reduce your costs

If you would like to place a private shopping order as a part of a 'BFF-organized pool', please let us know and we will add you to a group as soon as space is available based on incoming requests.  The goal of organizing a pool is to provide the best possible rate for our clients by sharing the cost among several members in one pool.

We appreciate your patience as we all work together to help one another and stay safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly difficult for all members of our community and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we do our best to provide our community with the most needed services through some temporary initiatives.  Our team and our community's safety remains our highest priority.

Private Shopping Rate (available for a limited time only):  $59/hr (1hr minimum) + 4.5% Service Fee

Hourly rates have been aligned with the direct cost of temporarily providing safe deliveries while ensuring social distancing minimums are maintained at all times.  Additional safety equipment has been provided to all team members and a large risk-premium is also being paid directly to employees who are putting themselves at increased risk due to the pandemic.

* All private shopping times will be billed in 15 minute increments beyond the initial hour.  Your time starts when your private shopper begins your service and is complete once your products are delivered to your door.  

Pathogen Protection & Community Safety:  All private shoppers are trained, BFF professionals, appropriately insured and permanent employees of BFF.  Our professional team has been trained in safe food handling, the proper use of nitrile gloves, face masks and boot covers. 

Social Distancing Between Employees:  To ensure appropriate social distancing is maintained all BFF employees work independently of one another and maintain a full 2m distance at all times.

Contactless-Deliveries:  To ensure an appropriate social-distance is maintained your BFF Private Shopper will contact you directly prior to delivering your products to your location.  Your products will be left at the place of your choosing and where applicable, the exterior services of your delivery will be sanitized with a mist spray or hand wipe to further ensure your family's saftey.  

All Invoices will be billed with a credit card pre-authorization or pre-paid by debit based on estimated time and 

Product Availability & Flexibility

With a range of products currently being stock-piled and rapidly selling out across the city it may not always be possible to purchase the brand or size of an item that you would like.  If you are okay with substitutes of a similar brand and quality for specific brand choices please let us know. 


If you would like your private shopper to call you directly from the store to discuss alternatives to your unavailable items we will be happy to do so.  You may also request a Google Duo Video, Whatsapp Video or Facetime Video (when available) if you would like to see the options virtually prior to making your purchase. 

You will be provided with your original product(s) purchase receipt from your order and your BFF receipt will be emailed when your order is complete. 

If you would like to pre-order your groceries, hardware store supplies or call ahead to your favorite bakeries or delicatessens we encourage you to do so and we will do our best to collect your products in the most efficient manner possible. 

Less than 48hrs ago the first available grocery delivery date through the largest grocery service in the GTA ballooned from 24hrs to 10 days.  As of writing this message,
it's now 3 weeks.  

You can schedule Private Shopping Services for all of your immediate household needs directly through your BFF Account.  Shopping services are available for a variety of customized needs and include groceries, pharmacy supplies and personal care products.  Please give us a call at 416.551.CARE or email info@bffplaycare.com with questions.  We're here to help!  

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