Dog Daycare Reduced Hours for Phase I ~ May 19th to 31st 

Hours of Operation:  Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

To ensure a safe and controlled return to post-pandemic life, we will temporarily be operating our dog daycare services at 981 College St. with reduced occupancy levels and reduced hours.  Our goal is to resume our standard business hours as soon as it is predictably safe to do so, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this temporary adjustment.

Re-Open Phase I:  Walk before we run & safety first!

Premier Ford has confirmed BFF Services, including walks, training & daycare have been given the green light to re-open beginning Tuesday, May 19th.  Dog boarding at BFF, PEC also remains open (public access is limited until further notice) with complimentary, door-to-door shuttles operating every Monday & Friday. 

Our safety-first philosophy remains unchanged.  Further, our commitment to remaining at the forefront of pathogen containment and proactive community safety will continue to shape our decisions going forward.   We encourage you to contact us directly at 416.551.CARE or via email at if you have any questions or concerns related to your services. 

Each of our pet care services has been reviewed from end-to-end, and in some cases fully redesigned as a result, to maximize safety.  We began this review process by asking one simple question.  "How do we offer pet care with zero face-to-face interaction internally and externally, for every service that we provide?"       

What, they said "safety first!"

Below you find some additional details regarding service enhancements which will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Safety Commitment

1.  No face-to-face interaction between staff, or staff and clients at any time. 

2.  Contactless drop-off and pick -up for all services.

3.  Full transparency and open communication with our team and clients to collect feedback. 

4.  Review and update our processes based on community & industry safety guidelines provided by medical experts.

981 College St. Contactless Hand-Off & Entrance

We kindly ask that all daycare be pre-scheduled and approved in your BFF Account prior to your arrival so that we are able to ensure safe occupancy levels throughout the re-opening process.  If you are unable to schedule your preferred date or if you need to cancel please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

Contactless pick-up & drop-off will be completed via our back door, which is accessible through the lane way off Rusholme Rd.  A map and some tips can be found below for quick reference. 

Drop-Off Process (981 College St. Daycare)

  1. Call the daycare at 416.551.CARE to let the BFF staff member know you have arrived. 

  2. Open the pink door and kindly 'remain outside'.   So sorry for the impersonal nature of this process!

  3. BFF team member will greet you through the glass partition of the interior door which will remain locked.  

  4. Close the pink door, leaving your pup inside with their leash and walking tools still on.  We will remove their leash once they are inside the Playcare.

Pick-Up Process (981 College St. Daycare)

  1. Call the daycare at 416.551.CARE to let the BFF staff member know you have arrived.   Please provide a couple of mins warning if possible.   Again, we're so sorry for this inconvenience! 

  2. Open the pink door and kindly 'remain outside to the best of your ability'.   If the door is locked, please wait a moment as that will indicate that your pup is not yet ready for you to pick up. 

  3. BFF team member will have your pup leashed and ready for you.  Here's the trick,  the BFF team member will hold onto the leash through a small hole in the interior door until you indicate that you have a hold of it, ensuring your pup cannot slip past you when you open the door.  We promise the hardest part of this process will be reading and understanding our attempt to verbalize this process!   Seriously, so sorry for the inconvenience!  And we are confident it will all be very easy to understand once you arrive.

  4. Go home and snuggle your tired and happy pup.

Easy Parking & Back Entrance to 981 College St. 

Please call the Daycare at 416.551.CARE when you arrive if you do not see a staff member.

Dog Walking, On-Leash & Off-Leash

Dog walking services will resume as of Tuesday, May 19th, and will continue with our current contactless pick-up & drop-off process which has been outlined below for reference.  Service requests can be made through your current BFF Account

Contactless Pick-Up/Drop-Off:  If you are home, please leave your pup's leash and walking tools at the front door and kindly leave the area around the front door if it is possible to do so.  This is important for both ensuring appropriate social distancing but to also minimize the excitement for your pup while they are being leashed or unleashed. 

Off-Leash Walks:  Off-leash packs have been adjusted to ensure that walkers have the flexibility to alter off leash locations should they arrive at a park and feel it is not socially responsible to enter.  This may include reducing pack sizes to a maximum of 3 dogs per walk, using designated off leash trails, driving to a new off leash location, and as a last result walking on-leash to ensure that safety remains the driver of all decisions.

On-Leash Walks:  On-leash walks will resume with our contactless drop-off/pick-up process remaining in effect until further notice to ensure we continue to keep everyone safe.  

Safety Note:  All of our walking team is now working under a new process which removes their need to interact with other BFF staff members.  That is, your BFF walker will only interact with pups throughout the course of their day, and not with other BFF team members or clients.  (all of our processes have been made contactless, end-to-end, internally and externally, to keep our team and clients safe!).

* If you have an additional leash for your pup, we would also encourage you to use one leash exclusively for your walker to use and the other for your home use.  The safer the better!

If you have any questions, concerns, feedback or ideas that you would like to discuss please call us anytime at 416.551.CARE or email  We're here to help!

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