Joining BFF Is Quick & Easy

Step 1:  Set up your BFF Account & add your pet(s).      

Step 2:  Request your Meet & Greet 

(Meet & Greets are required for all dog's older than 6 months of age, or those who have not attended Puppy Power Hour in the last 60 days)

Step 3:  Visit the BFF Shop to select & purchase the services you would like.

Scheduling Services With Your BFF Account
Scheduling services like dog walks, daycare and boarding can easily be done through your BFF Account.  Your BFF Account is platform-based so you will never need to download any apps to use it!  
Your BFF Account is your one-stop-shop for all of your pup's scheduling.  Here you can view your pup's upcoming events, your active walk & daycare packages, as well as schedule services like walks, daycare & boarding.  You can conveniently access your BFF Account from any device or platform. 

BFF, Prince Edward County

Call us anytime at 416.551.CARE or email if you need assistance.  We're here to help!  

Please give us a call at 416.551.CARE or email at any time if you require assistance.  We're here to help!