Free Emergency Pet Care

Our valued emergency responders and healthcare workers need your help.

This moment will be permanently carved in memories the world over for generations to come.  Our individual stories will unite us across class, border and belief. 

I urge you to take this opportunity, while it remains available in front of us right now, to define your memory, to deliberately shape your story and to shine before the darkness, not in fear of it.

Together we will decide if our collective story is one of tragedy, resilience or perseverance.   

Below you will find a number of ways you can directly help in the fight against CV-19 by making emergency pet care available to our critical front-line workers who put themselves at risk every day to keep our community safe.


We are coordinating a large scale effort to provide immediate and on-going emergency pet care services for our critical front-line workers across Ontario and we need your help. 

How can you help?  Donate & Volunteer

Sign-up to volunteer:  Join volunteer efforts using the form below and indicate the type of volunteer activities that you are able to assist with.  All help is greatly appreciated.  You will be contacted by a BFF professional to discuss how you can help in the fight against the spread of CV-19.

* Volunteer Training and on-going support will be available 24/7 and provided by BFF professionals. 

Hands-on volunteer opportunities:

  • Drivers with vehicles and a valid license (to collect keys from owners, or visit pets that are in need of services like food & water refresh, bathroom breaks and companionship to ease isolation.  No transporting of animals.). 

  • Hosts that are able to board a pet in need at their home and provide daily care and companionship for them.

  • Help with coordination activities

Donate to help a pet in need:  We have set up several different donation options to provide you with an opportunity to support a pet in need as the pandemic continues to unfold.  Your options include donating your own pet's passes (every donation helps!) to support a critical-support worker's pet, donate a pass to the BFF Shared Wallet to help provide services to our other clients that have had their income impacted by CV-19 and require care for their pets, or donate a dollar amount that will be used to directly cover the costs of providing support to front-line pets (gas for vehicles, medical supplies, etc.). 

100% of proceeds will be used to directly provide care for pets in need.  In addition to donating all administrative costs, BFF has further pledged all-short and long-term boarding services at no cost to those critical support workers with the highest need.

Become a volunteer and help a pet in need:
Which animals do you have experience caring for?
Do you have a vehicle & license?

Thank you for your volunteer commitment.  Our goal is to provide immediate emergency pet care for our valued front-line workers while they battle the CV-19 pandemic.

We will be in touch with ways you can help shortly.

If you would like to make a monetary donation for a specific service (boarding, cat vists, etc.), or if you would like to make a custom donation from your pet's existing passes please email and we will provide you with details to facilitate your donation.

Our biggest challenge in the days to come may be one of spirit, not finance.   

You're making a difference.


Help get the word out to volunteers and front-line workers that need help.  Share, share, share!