Important Update:  Ontario Lockdown-Expansion Will Impact Walk Services Beginning December 26th.   Under the new lockdown restrictions dog-walking services is only being permitted for pets with essential-care  needs.  We kindly ask those of you who are home and able to care for your pups directly to please pause your walking services until we are able to safely resume following the lockdown. 

Please contact us directly at if you have questions or concerns related to your specific needs.  We are still here to help!

BFF Professional Dog Walking


Your trusted BFF professional to consistently providing a safe, ,engaging, and fun walk experience for your pup.  

BFF proudly offers something for pups of all ages, energy-levels, and experience; including on-leash group walks, off-leash group walks, and private walks. 


Your trusted BFF professional will guarantee that your pup has a safe, and engaging walk experience.  

Safe, Professional Dog Walking with Flexible Package Options
Puppy Visits

Puppy visits are a critical element of early puppy development.  These 15 minute, solo-socialization experiences reduce separation-anxiety and fear of strangers, while strengthening the social skills they will need later in life when meeting new people and eventually making new pupper friends.


Puppy visits are available to pups less than 6 months of age at which time they will be ready to be slowly introduced into small group walk packs with other like-minded pups.  

Stay engaged in your pup's experience with your daily BFF Pupdate!

Every BFF service includes a personalized Pupdate Email directly to your inbox.  Your Pupdate Email will include some beautiful and fun photos of your pup enjoying their experience for the day.  We have had many clients tell us and show us examples of Pupdates that they have blown up and framed for their homes.  Our goal is to make every picture amazing for you!

On-Leash Group Walks

On-leash group walks are offered 7 days a week by trusted BFF professionals and guarantees a minimum 30 minutes of exercise time (weather/safety permitting of course).  Your pup's total time away from will depend on their route for the day and typically ranges between 45 and 60 minutes.  

Each group walk includes a maximum of three, like-minded pups.

We actively work to ensure a variety of new and interesting locations are visited to ensure your pup doesn't become bored of the same standard walk.  


Depending on where your pup lives relative to their walk pals for the day, they may walk or drive with our licensed and insured, professional walkers to meet up with the rest of their pack.  By rotating which pups are picked up first, second and third, every walk provides a unpredictable stimulation which leads to a happier, balanced dog at home. 


If you have any questions about the process or if you're unsure if a group walk is right for your pup, please call us at 416.551.CARE or email anytime.  We're here to help.

Off-Leash Group Walks

Similar to on-leash walks, off leash walks are offered 7 days a week by trusted BFF professional who is trained, insured and licensed to work with groups of up to six pups.  We guarantee a minimum of 50 minutes of active exercise time off-leash (weather/safety permitting of course) to give even the most active pups a chance to get the beans out.  Your pup's total time away from will depend on their route for the day and typically ranges between 90 and 120 minutes.  

Each off leash walk includes a maximum of six, like-minded pups and we actively work to ensure a variety of new and interesting, designated off-leash parks and trails are visited to ensure your pup doesn't become bored of the same standard park.  This additional variety will help to relieve built up mental energy and further ensure your pup is calm, relaxed and happy at home.   

Off leash pups are picked up by a licensed and insured, professional BFF walker and then brought to a designated off-leash park or trail for their exercise.  

If you have any questions about the process or if you're unsure if a group walk is right for your pup, please call us at 416.551.CARE or email anytime.  We're here to help.

Private Walks


Private walks are offered in both 30 and 60 minutes options and for safety reasons are always on-leash.  Each private walk will include a minimum of 30 or 60 minutes of actual exercise time depending on which package best suites your needs.

Private walks are provided to pups of all shapes and sizes and we encourage you to give us a call or email us directly to chat about your private walk needs.  We will always do our best to accomdate your request. 

If you have any questions about the process or if you're unsure if a group walk is right for your pup, please call us at 416.551.CARE or email anytime.  We're here to help.

Walk Times

Walks typically begin in one of two windows based on client requests, from 9-12pm or 12-3pm and while we always do our best to accommodate specific timing requests and maintain consistency with recurring walk schedules, it's important to be aware that due to the nature of the service timing cannot be guaranteed.  Not too worry though, we have an excellent track record for being right on-time!  

You'll Always Know Your BFF Professional

We work hard to consistently schedule the same BFF professional to walk your pup everyday.  For your pup's safety, enjoyment, and overall benefit however, we also rotate-in additional BFF professionals who are already working in your area to provide your pup with exposure to new, friendly-faces in order to build on their socialization skills and provide them with a more comprehensive experience. 

Over the years we've found that this process creates a more complete walking experience for your pup and further provides them with a wonderful opportunity to build strong, lasting relationships with a range of BFF professionals. 


The added benefit of the BFF 'minimal rotation' approach is when your professional ultimately needs to be away from work to enjoy a vacation or if they catch a cold, your pup will still have a wonderful, stress-free, and fun experience with a professional they know without feeling anxious or unsure about who is arriving to walk them on any given day. 


This approach also ensure that you, as a pet parent, are never left scrambling to find a professional walker if someone falls ill without notice, takes a vacation or chooses to explore new career opportunities. 


If your pup ever enjoys a BFF vacation in the future, this added exposure will also make their experience that much more fun since BFF professionals often travel between locations or drive the free shuttles between Toronto and Prince Edward County.    

You can always see and read about which BFF professional is providing your service on any given day directly through your BFF Account.  You'll always be in the know!  

Inclement Weather

In the event that your pup's service may be impacted by an unpredictable event we will do our best to keep you actively informed so as to minimize the inconvenience caused.  We also proactively plan for predictable-events like snow storms and long-weekends to ensure that we deploy additional resources as needed and keep your pup on schedule at all times, whenever possible! 

Inclement Weather Closures

Our weather policy is simply:  ​If the Toronto District School Board is open, then so is BFF.  If the Toronto District School Board is closed due to dangerous weather, then so is BFF.  It's that easy!  Just tune into your morning radio for updates when dangerous driving conditions are predicted and you'll always know if BFF is open.  We haven't missed a walk yet!

We will always keep you informed, proactively via email, our website and social media and we have a detailed safety policy for inclement weather to ensure your pup and our trusted team members always stay safe!

Follow us on Twitter @BFFplaycare to stay informed of unavoidable service delays in real-time. 

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