Dog Walking, On-Leash & Off-Leash

Contactless Pick-Up/Drop-Off

To ensure the safety of our clients and team, we kindly as that if you will be home when your pup is picked up or dropped off for their walk, please leave your pup's leash and walking tools in an easily accessible area at the front door, and please be sure to socially distance and minimize interaction whenever possible. 


The extra precautions and limited interaction at the front door will have the added benefit of minimizing your pup's excitement (eg, jumping at the front door) while they are being leashed or unleashed which helps reinforce great training behaviours. 


Note On Off-Leash Locations:  Off-leash groups have been adjusted where necessary to ensure the BFF team maintain flexibility to alter off-leash locations should they arrive at a park and feel it is not safe to enter. 


This may include using alternate parks and driving to new off-leash locations or hiking trails.

Note On Team Safety:  All of our walking teams are now working under a new process which removes or dramatically reduces their need to interact with other BFF staff members.  That is, your BFF walker will only interact with pups throughout the course of their day, and not with other BFF team members or clients in order to minimize any unavoidable risks.  (all BFF processes are contactless, end-to-end, internally and externally, to keep our team and clients safe!).

* If you have an additional leash for your pup, we would also encourage you to use one leash exclusively for your walker and the other for personal use.  The safer the better!


Shuttles To & From BFF, Prince Edward County

Contactless Pick-Up/Drop-Off
If Your Pup Is Being Picked-Up Or Dropped-Off At Home

All shuttles are completed using our contactless pick-up and drop-off processes.  As with dog walking, we kindly ask that you leave your pup's belongings, including their food and walking tools (if it is safe to do so...we know some puppers can't be trusted near a bag of unopened food!), by the entrance where your BFF professional will be able to easily access it.  The BFF team member will leash-up your pup and carry their belongings to the shuttle directly to ensure a contactless process from end-to-end.  

If Your Pup Is Being Picked-Up Or Dropped-Off Directly In P.E.C.

If you are dropping-off or picking-up your pup directly in P.E.C. we kindly ask that you wait outside the building until a BFF team member comes to great you and bring your pup and their belongings inside.  With the luxury of 10 private acres to help maintain safety this process has proven very safe and easy and still gives you a chance to stretch your legs if you just finished a long drive!

If you have any questions regarding our process, safety protocols please give us a call anytime at 416.551.CARE or email  We're here to help!