Dog Daycare

To ensure our strict compliance with the Health Ministries recommendations all daycare will temporarily be accessible via the rear entrance of 981 College St, off of Rusholme Rd.   Free temporary private parking is available at the back door. 

Hours of Operation:  Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm

Face Masks Work:  To ensure the continued safety of our team and clients, we kindly ask that all clients wear a face mask while inside the daycare.  Together we are strongest and together we will win!

Hand-off process via the back door

(drop off & pick up via the back alley off Rusholme Rd, free private parking available)

1. When you arrive at the back door please call 416.551.CARE (2273) to let the BFF team know you have arrived.

2. When the BFF team member confirms it's safe, open the pink door, keep your pup leashed, and feed their leash through the opening to the BFF team member. 

3.  Close the pink door and double check that it is secure. 

4.  The BFF team member will unleash your pup and bring them into the daycare to begin their day. 

5.  Know that we are incredibly grateful and appreciative of your support and considering as we come together to keep our community safe.  You're amazing and we love you!

​If you have any questions or concerns please email or call 416.551.CARE at anytime.  We're here to help!

Dog Walking, On-Leash & Off-Leash

Dog walking services will resume as of Tuesday, May 19th, and will continue with our current contactless pick-up & drop-off process which has been outlined below for reference.  Service requests can be made through your current BFF Account

Contactless Pick-Up/Drop-Off:  If you are home, please leave your pup's leash and walking tools at the front door and kindly leave the area around the front door if it is possible to do so.  This is important for both ensuring appropriate social distancing but to also minimize the excitement for your pup while they are being leashed or unleashed. 


Off-Leash Walks:  Off-leash packs have been adjusted to ensure that walkers have the flexibility to alter off leash locations should they arrive at a park and feel it is not socially responsible to enter.  This may include reducing pack sizes to a maximum of 3 dogs per walk, using designated off leash trails, driving to a new off leash location, and as a last result walking on-leash to ensure that safety remains the driver of all decisions.

On-Leash Walks:  On-leash walks will resume with our contactless drop-off/pick-up process remaining in effect until further notice to ensure we continue to keep everyone safe.  

Safety Note:  All of our walking team is now working under a new process which removes their need to interact with other BFF staff members.  That is, your BFF walker will only interact with pups throughout the course of their day, and not with other BFF team members or clients.  (all BFF processes are currently contactless, end-to-end, internally and externally, to keep our team and clients safe!).

* If you have an additional leash for your pup, we would also encourage you to use one leash exclusively for your walker to use and the other for your home use.  The safer the better!

Boarding Shuttles:  All boarding shuttles are being completed using our contactless process.  We kindly ask that you leave your pup's belongings, including their food and walking tools, by the entrance where our BFF professional will be able to easily access it.  The BFF team member will leash your pup up and carry their belongings out to ensure a contactless process from end-to-end.

Boarding at BFF, Prince Edward County:  If you are dropping off or picking up from BFF, PEC directly Madhu will provide details regarding the hand-off process when you arrive.  With the luxury of 10 acres to ensure safety this process is safe, easy and still gives you a chance to stretch your legs if you just finished a long drive!

If you have any questions regarding our process, safety protocols or ways you can help to keep everyone safe, please give us a call at 416.551.CARE or email  We're here to help!